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what's included in a design retainer?

Written by Sarah Scott - Tuesday 25th July 2023
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Would you like regular design work on schedule, on point and within budget? You’re unlikely to say no, but you may not have considered a design retainer. Rid your mind of restrictive and rigid agreement; not all retainers are created equal. Ours are more accessible than you might think.

At may, our retainers are scalable and bespoke, meaning you can chop, change and be as creative as you like with yours. Whether work is retained weekly, monthly or annually, a retainer can save you time and money too. 

Here are some of the most popular jobs we complete for our retainer clients.


social media assets

From considered graphics to images that speak a thousand words, getting assets right for social media accounts can make the difference between a scroll past and a click-through.


You’ve worked hard to build a database of customers and interested parties, how do you ensure the communication you’re sharing is read? The quality of your newsletter can determine whether your news is digested or headed straight for the bin. A carefully crafted, well-designed newsletter is the way to get your message to land right where it should.

brochures, mailers and promotional materials

A retainer is an effective way of keeping your suite of collateral on-brand, and up-to-date.

powerpoints, presentations and reports

You only get one chance at a first impression, make sure yours shows your business in the best light. Whether we’re creating a dedicated presentation or a template that can be utilised time and time again, our design team will work with you to present you perfectly.

Chop, change and be as creative as you like. Whether work is retained weekly, monthly or annually, a retainer can save you time and money.

may consistently add value to our business and challenge us on important aspects of our brand and business strategy. They undertook customer research with our client base, which has provided us with a clear, focused and targeted approach – something we didn’t believe would make a difference but it has

David Boulton - Chartered Financial Planner, Dynamic Wealth

In addition to the many plus points above, a design retainer helps forge a meaningful working relationship that promotes more efficient working practices. In short, we get to know you, your brand and your requirements. Working regularly with a client helps foster an understanding of needs and preferences, saving time with the briefing and amendment processes. We want to feel like an extension of your team.


consider a design retainer for your brand

If your brand could use some professional and affordable design support, talk to us about a design retainer designed to meet your needs and budget. Take a glance at some of our previous design work and get in touch, we’d love to help.

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