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Written by Sophie Wonfor - Friday 30th June 2023
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When it was first mentioned that my year 10 group would be embarking on our work experience journeys, in just five months, I was very unsure of what route I should go down. In the back of my mind, the marketing path was always there, but it was covered with other areas that I knew my friends would be going down. Should I go to a primary school? A small café or a retail shop? All these options did not appeal to me as much as marketing, and I soon realised that was what I wanted to do. 

I began to contact the may marketing team, and I was amazed at their willingness to involve me in their company for the week. Whenever I had any forms that needed to be signed, they would always pass on my messages and offer ways to help.   

meeting the may team

As soon as I stepped into the may building, I immediately felt calmer. Although I normally feel extremely nervous around new people, whom I have not met before, I did not feel this way around this team. Everyone at may was a delight, extremely welcoming to me and regularly asked me how I was finding my experience or if I had any questions I would like to be answered.  

My induction also helped me feel more comfortable, as it meant that I could say hello to everyone before properly working alongside them. It also meant that I knew who the best possible people were to talk to about certain issues that I had, which further calmed my nerves throughout the week.  

my experience

During my days at this marketing agency, I would begin the day by being tasked with certain jobs. Depending on the day, I would either be stationed upstairs with the account team, or downstairs with the creative team. Everyone at may was encouraging of the work that I would produce, and all remained patient as I began to navigate how to use the server made for the agency. 

I thoroughly enjoyed every project I worked on during my work experience week, and I loved the variety of areas that I was involved in. I had more than enough time on each project, and was assisted in understanding each different brand that I was tasked with looking at.   

 One thing that I really enjoyed was how every day was slightly different. Although for some of the days, I was working on similar companies, or even the same company, it did not feel repetitive and gave me a well-rounded view of all the different aspects of marketing.  

Everyone at may was a delight, extremely welcoming to me and encouraging of the work that I would produce.

the experience highlights

One of my favourite experiences at may would have to be sitting in on multiple meetings about different aspects of the agency's main brands. I walked away from these meetings with an understanding of how each department worked, and it also meant that I had a more defined idea of what department I may like to investigate further in the future.  

Another highlight of my week would be looking at specific brands' behind the scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, as it was interesting to see how posts you see online are made and developed.

what have I taken away from my experience?

I am leaving this week with a better understanding of what I would like to do in the future. Not only do I have this, but I now have had a taste of business in the real world, which I am extremely interested in, and hopefully will carry on my learning in the future. I am grateful for this experience, as now it is not only written down in textbooks, but I have seen it through my own two eyes.  

 To any year 10 students who would like to do work experience at a marketing agency, I would highly recommend doing so. It has given me an outlook on the real world, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity that has been given to me. 

Interested in joining us for work experience? Get in touch here and we'll see how we can help.

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