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5 reasons why you should choose a small agency for your marketing

Written by Sarah Scott - Tuesday 7th March 2023
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Larger does not always equate to better, particularly where client relationships and going above and beyond to get to the heart of your brand are concerned. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large blue chip, choosing a smaller agency to support you with your marketing needs can have many benefits for your business. 

Here are our five top reasons why smaller really can be mightier.

  1. A dedicated team focused on your brand - A smaller marketing agency = fewer clients. This is good news for your business as you’ll be rewarded with a dedicated and personalised service, prioritising the time taken to REALLY get to know your brand and become an extension of your team. There is no better way to deliver meaningful results.

  2. The ability to be flexible and agile - small and lean is more adept at being flexible and agile, a huge plus point in any campaign, from concept through to delivery. Throughout the journey of a campaign, new insights are uncovered and directions can change; being with a marketing partner who can flex and drive them easily makes for a smoother journey.

  3. Cost - Smaller agencies have lower overheads, less staff and fewer costs altogether, which means savings can be passed on directly to clients. With more scope for competitive quoting, your marketing budget can go that little bit further too. Now, who doesn’t value that?

  4. Attention to detail - The devil, as they say, is in the detail. A compact, tighter team, where everyone brings expertise to the table, makes time to consider all the aspects of your campaign, problem-solve and explore new ways to reach your customers.

  5. Capability for a faster turnaround - with flexibility and agility comes the ability for speed when it’s needed. Even the most drilled strategy and timing plan can change, deadlines move, it’s a fact of life. Can your current agency deliver if the goalposts are changed?

Small and lean is more adept at being flexible and agile, a huge plus point in any campaign, from concept through to delivery.

Could you use an extra pair of hands to support your team to get things done? Our team is on hand to help. 

Contact us for a chat or take a look at some of our past work here.

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