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Written by Sarah Scott - Thursday 8th February 2023
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Impervious to the whims and vagaries of algorithms, newsletters are an effective tool to have in your marketing canon. In the search for a broader, more meaningful reach, a well-written newsletter is a method of communication we believe more brands will revert to this year. 

A good newsletter serves many purposes, it keeps customers up to date with what’s happening with your brand, encourages sales and is simply, a place to remind your customers that you’re there. Getting it right is the difference between a swift delete and a click-through to your site with a potential sale to boot.


The Power of the Database

Building up an engaged database is undoubtedly one of the most important things a brand can do to further its marketing reach, and boost sales. Ensuring your database is compliant with the Data Protection Act - the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will protect your brand and your subscribers too, not to mention keeping you on the right side of the law.


Newsletters vs Social Media

A great deal of work goes into building a social media following but, as we know, organic posts reaching the right audience is at the mercy of the gods of the algorithm. Not everyone is on social media and it’s easier to miss posts than you might realise. A newsletter, on the other hand, will most certainly hit the target. We are not suggesting one or the other, they work beautifully to complement each other, spreading your brand’s message further and wider.


What to Write?  

Consider your subscribers as your brand’s audience. How are you going to keep them engaged? If content doesn’t entertain or inform, there really is no point, and you’re in danger of readers hitting the unsubscribe button if it does neither. With more room to expand on topics, it’s a golden opportunity to bring your brand’s personality to life. Share new product launches, services or features. Provide links to blogs for longer reads, give insights into the company, promote campaigns and use the platform to make the most of assets and content that have been created for use elsewhere - making them work harder for a wider audience. 

Impervious to the whims and vagaries of algorithms, newsletters are an effective tool to have in your marketing canon.

5 x Tips to Better Newsletters

Here are our top five tips for making sure your newsletters are perennial winners. 

  • Keep it brief. Small paragraphs linking elsewhere are better than one daunting block of text. Consider how your audience will be reading, it will probably be on a phone
  • Keep it relevant. You’ve worked hard for that database of subscribers, now you need to keep their interest
  • Break up copy with interesting imagery, it’s easier on the eye and the brain when taking in information and staying engaged 
  • Don’t be afraid to use assets that have been created for other platforms. Good content takes time to create, sharing wider makes it work harder  
  • Include plenty of calls to action for readers to link back to your website or shop


Need some help? We’ve honed our newsletter writing craft and can turn that knowledge into clicks and sales for you. Get in touch to find out more.

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